NBC26 Green Bay: Withee Works – Green Gobbler Safety nominated for Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin contest


GREEN BAY – Voting is underway for the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin contest. Several Northeast Wisconsin businesses have been nominated.

Withee Works – Green Gobbler Safety is one of more than 100 area businesses nominated for the contest. Their product is a safety test cart they call the Green Gobbler. It can be used in laboratories at universities, hospitals and any other institution that requires a safety shower or eye wash area.

OSHA requires these areas be tested annually and activated once a week. This product is used to collect water during these tests.

“When you start using this product you’ll have at least a 50% improvement in your productivity,” said David Withee, the owner of Withee Works. “No one is going to yell at you for getting water all over their laboratory or all over their work space because it won’t be there anymore. It’s going to be easy for your employees to use it. They won’t complain about it because now they’re not lugging water around by hand and trying to find a sink to pour it into.”

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Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin