Eligibility & Requirements

The Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin contest is quite simple. Here are the rules:

  • The product must be manufactured in Wisconsin.
  • The company headquarters does not need to be in Wisconsin, but the product must be manufactured in a Wisconsin-based facility.
  • The product must be made using a manufacturing process. For example, a restaurant that makes “made to order” pizzas would not qualify but a food manufacturer that mass-produces frozen pizzas would. Not sure if your product qualifies? Contact us.
  • Companies may only have one product featured in the Top 16, so only one product nomination per company is encouraged.
  • Winning companies are prohibited from participating in the contest for one year, while each winning product is indefinitely prohibited from being nominated again.
  • Voting is open to the public and each person must register with their email address and can cast one vote per day when voting is open.

Questions? Contact us.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin