Round of 8 Voting – Sept. 29-Oct. 4

Round of 8 Voting – Sept. 29-Oct. 4

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Product: Forte Virtual Reality Gloves
Company, Location: RSP Inc. - Brookfield
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Description: Forte Data Gloves from BeBop Sensors: Haptic Gloves for Enterprise Virtual Reality The Forte Data Gloves are a fully featured VR glove that combines accurate finger tracking and rotational sensors with lightning-fast latency to allow for truly immersive VR experiences. Feel objects in the virtual world by creating complex vibrations with the on-board granular synthesizer. By sending unique sensations to the actuators on each finger and the palm, the gloves can craft sensations that have never been felt before. BeBop has spent over 5 years developing its proprietary piezoresistive (pressure-sensitive) fabric that is integrated in the gloves. The gloves connect with a range of programming environments and VR headsets including Unreal, Unity, Pthyon, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, C++, Java and more. RSP Inc., a custom contract manufacturer in Brookfield, WI, is the qualified contract manufacturer assisting in the development and manufacturing of the gloves. RSP Inc. has been manufacturing in Wisconsin for almost 60 years. There are four primary differentiating features of the Forte Data Gloves that make them unique and cool! First, extremely low-latency performance over Bluetooth and USB provide almost instantaneous response. Second, the powerful, responsive haptics design give immersive touch feedback. Third, an open palm design offers hygienic, lightweight and breathable function. Finally, its intuitive development allows user to pinch, grab and interact with the virtual world with your own hands. The Forte Gloves were designed for several use cases including hands-on training, medical data collection for clinical trials and rehabilitation, object control of drones or robots using hand motion, user interface control for navigating 3D maps or data with your hands, and also design and testing of products in virtual reality.

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