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Product: Castile Bright Silver Foil Dual Metal Label
Company, Location: Wausau Coated Products, Inc. - Wausau
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Description: Castile Bright Silver Foil – Dual Metal label stock allows for the use of traditional label materials, coupled with the stunning visual effects of metallic foil on both sides of the label, giving brands that extra shine and sophistication that will make it stand out amongst its competition. This product is ideal for clear liquids like tequila, vodka, or gin that you can actually see the back of the label through the liquid. Castile Bright Silver Foil – Dual Metal takes branding to the next level by adding texture to label designs through embossing, debossing, & stamping. This Wausau-made label stock is very unique to the label industry offering a premium, high-end look with an added touch of glamour and a sense of luxury.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin