VolumeOne Magazine Eau Claire: Is One of These Eau Claire Originals the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin?


EAU CLAIRE – The unique learning products made by Eau Claire-based Realityworks are undoubtedly cool, but are any of them the coolest thing made in Wisconsin? That’s what an online contest will determine over the next few weeks.

Two Realityworks products – one you may have heard of, the other you likely haven’t – are among the nominees in the contest’s first round of voting, which began Monday, Sept.14, and end Friday, Sept. 20.

The product you probably have heard of – if you’ve either lived in the Chippewa Valley for a while or have taken a middle or high school health class over the past 25 years – is the RealCare Baby infant simulator. Originally known as Baby Think It Over, the RealCare Baby looks like a doll but is actually a sophisticated, computerized tool that teaches users (whether they’re kids or adults) the responsibilities of caring for a baby, including feeding, burping, dressing, and (naturally) changing diapers.

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Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin