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Product: Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart
Company, Location: MuL Technologies - Mequon
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Description: MARC (Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart) is a completely independent robotic cart with the brains to map your facility, avoid obstacles in his way, and get things where they need to go, when they need to get there. Just pre-program a destination with a single command and, with the single tap of a button, workers send him on his way. All with no need for WiFi. MARC is unique in the marketplace in that it requires no Wi-Fi connection, no IT support and no infrastructure changes or training. Starting at less than $10,000, it’s about one-fifth the cost of competitors’ products. MARC is the most cost-effective self-guided and simple-to-use Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) in the marketplace today and was designed and is being manufactured in Mequon.

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