Spectrum News 1: Finding the Coolest Thing Made In Wisconsin

MEQUON – What started as a project to fill an internal need has blossomed into full-fledged product for a Mequon company.

It also happens to be this year’s choice for the Coolest Thing Made In Wisconsin.

The Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart — or MARC — from MuL Technologies is designed to repetitively move products from point to point in a manufacturing facility or other business with the push of a few buttons.

“There are multiple points it can be moved to, so it’s easy as pushing a button, waiting five seconds and that becomes one destination point, say point one,” said Dan Armbrust, founder and chief executive officer of MuL. “Pushing it to your second point pressing a button again, that’s point two.”

Voters across the state chose it as the winner of an annual contest from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce highlighting Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector, which employs one in six residents.

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Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin