Rockford WROK Newstalk 1440: A much beloved beer left off “Coolest Things Made in Wisconsin” list

How can you possibly have a “Coolest Things Made in Wisconsin” list without including this brew?

People make the pilgrimage from Illinois daily just to get their hands on the stuff.

OK, here’s the situation, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce along with the Johnson Financial Group put together a tournament of sorts to find the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.”

On the list, were Glazers from Kwik Trip and Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Co. Both of those were initially in the top 16, and only one made it to the next round. Not a good sign if you want to see your favorite food or drink win the tournament.

However, the Cat Electric Rope Shovel from Caterpillar Global Mining and a SeaDoo Switch did make the list. While I’m sure those are wonderful Wisconsin-made products, how on God’s green Earth does Spotted Cow not make the top 8?

As an Illinois guy who has driven to Beloit just to buy Spotted Cow countless many times, I have to ask, “Wisconsin, do you know how good you got it when it comes to this stuff?”


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