Waukesha: New Berlin Manufacturer Creates ‘FaithShield’ For Worshippers

NEW BERLIN – A New Berlin-based manufacturer, Dynatect, is celebrating its 75th anniversary amid the pandemic, the company shifted gears to produce equipment that helps protects worshippers from the coronavirus.

The company’s name comes from the words ‘dynamic’ and ‘protection.’

Formerly known as A&A Manufacturing, the company started during World War II and while there were industries dedicated to wartime items, Dynatect was asked to make basketballs and footballs for children, Jonathan Piel, Vice President of Business Development, said.

Dynatect’s founders started sewing the basketballs and footballs in their garage. After the war, workers used the sewing expertise to make fabric bellows for machines. The manufactured items evolved into different fabric solutions and machine protections.

“You know the long busses with what looks like an accordion in the middle? We make those,” Piel told Patch.

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