Duluth Business North News: Absolut Manufacturing’s Absolut WiNDR in top 16 for Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest

Iron River’s Absolut Manufacturing (a Bretting Company) entered the Absolut WiNDR in the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin contest. After the first round of voting, the WiNDR placed in the top 16 as the number four seed and will continue to compete in a tournament-style bracket.

Absolut WiNDR makes disinfecting wipes – a necessity during the COVID pandemic. Absolut Manufacturing as well as their parent company, C. G. Bretting Manufacturing Co., Inc., design and manufacture converting and packaging equipment for the global marketplace.]

The company now invites supporters to vote for Absolut WiNDR in the next round, Sept. 23-28.

CLICK HERE to vote.

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Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin