Round of 16 Voting – Sept. 22-27

Round of 16 Voting – Sept. 22-27

What do you think is the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin?

The second round of voting will take place from Tuesday, Sept. 22nd at 9am to Sunday, Sept. 27 at 5pm.

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You can view all the nominated products by scrolling through the pages below, and you can learn more about each product by clicking on it. The products are listed below in alphabetical order by company.

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Product: Volleyball Net Barrier
Company, Location: Carron Net Company, Inc. - Two Rivers
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Description: Developed in response to the pandemic of 2020, Carron Net’s Volleyball Net Barrier is made of high clarity double polished clear vinyl and provides volleyball players a layer of protection from airborne germs and viruses including COVID-19. Easy to install and sized to fit any regulation volleyball net, Carron’s Net Barrier is helping volleyball teams across the country get back in the game.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin