Round of 8 Voting – Sept. 29-Oct. 4

Round of 8 Voting – Sept. 29-Oct. 4

What do you think is the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin?

The second round of voting will take place from Tuesday, Sept. 29nd at 9am to Sunday, Oct. 4 at 5pm.

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Product: Next Generation WashBar
Company, Location: Bradley Corp. - Menomonee Falls
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Description: The Next Generation WashBar by Bradley Corp., offers a complete transformation in touch-free handwashing. This entirely touchless handwashing fixture provides smart and easy-to-activate soap, water and dryer. Designed to eliminate the need for touching germy handwashing surfaces, the Next Generation WashBar is modern and hygienic, as it helps stop the spread of germs in public restrooms. Its clean, superslim and L-shaped silhouette easily guides users through handwashing using LED lights and icons. Its reliable activation of soap, water and dryer means no more irritating soap misfires and false activations. The Next Generation WashBar is also engineered to work in tandem with the washbasin to keep water inside the bowl so water does not splash or drip on the user, floor or walls, increasing restroom safety. Designed by Bradley Corp., a leading manufacturer of handwashing equipment for 100 years, this handwashing model is innovative, clean, hygienic, easy to use and maintain, and a perfect solution for the new age of handwashing amidst coronavirus.

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