Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Voting

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Voting

What do you think is the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin?

The first round of voting will be a popular vote to determine the Top 16 Coolest Things Made in Wisconsin. Voting will take place from Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 8:00am to Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 5:00pm.

How to Vote:

  1. Select the product that you think is the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin – don’t forget to look through the nominees on all of the pages!
  2. Once on your favorite product’s page, click “Vote Now!”
  3. Come back tomorrow and do it again.  You can vote once per device, every 24 hours.

You can view all the nominated products by scrolling through the pages below, and you can learn more about each product by clicking on it. The products are listed below in alphabetical order by company.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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Voting is closed until the next round.
Product: Telelift
Company, Location: WiscLift - Three Lakes, WI
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Description: TeleLift is able to bring dynamic network connectivity via a flying wifi network and cell tower to the “right” place, at the “right” time to optimize demand. For example, TeleLift could be used at SCHOOL/WORK Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00, then moved to RESIDENTIAL AREAS in the evenings, and relocated to CHURCH on Sundays, or high-volume SPECIAL EVENTS as needed. For a fraction of the price, TeleLift can cover a larger area for peak times. This flexible approach to networks allows one system to meet multiple needs.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin