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Product: MTW RTS Power Rake
Company, Location: Merrill Tool and Water Jet - Merrill
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Description: MTW Attachments 3 in 1 RTS (Rotory Tool System) is a power box rake that pairs with skid steers and tractors. The idea of the conventional power box rake is to level, surface recondition, grade, and rake in settings such as lawns, fields, golf courses, and driveways. When manufacturing of the MTW rake began in 2016, it was found to be a tough sell since the landscaping season is limited by the snow and ice of the winter months. In 2020, MTW went to work to find a way to quickly change out the rotor to give added value to the unit through interchangeability, and give the attachment more 'year around' applications by offering a tiller rotor and a broom rotor. More rotors, such as flail and rock rake, are being designed for potential future release.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin