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Product: BioForming® Synthetic Aromatic Kerosene Jet Fuel
Company, Location: Virent, Inc. - Madison
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Description: Virent is making history in aviation by enabling the transition to 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). International standards require a certain level of aromatic content in jet fuel to increase its energy density and facilitate compatibility between the fuel and today’s aircraft. Virent’s BioForming® Synthesized Aromatic Kerosene (SAK) makes it possible to produce SAF that is 100% renewable and 100% compatible with today’s aviation fleet. Virent’s SAK is a highly aromatic, bio-derived blending component that is cleaner-burning with lower particulate matter emissions versus conventional jet fuel. Virent is using its existing demonstration plant in Madison, Wisconsin to produce SAK while working to engineer, design and start construction of its first commercial scale plant. Virent’s SAK is ground-breaking because it has been used in multiple, historic demonstration flights with world-class airline partners such as United Airlines, the world’s first 100% SAF flight with passengers, Emirates Airlines, the first 100% SAF flight in Africa, Gulfstream, the world’s first 100% SAF flight in a high performing aircraft, Bell Helicopter, the world’s first 100% SAF flight in a single engine aircraft and, coming soon, Virgin Atlantic, the world’s first transatlantic flight using SAF. Virent’s technology is allowing these airline partners to expand their options and become leaders in the sustainable aviation industry while working to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin